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Historic Icons - THE ENTOMBMENT (Print to Order)

Historic Icons - THE ENTOMBMENT (Print to Order)

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Custom Matted and Framed

Sculpture Reference (Artist/Year): The Entombment (1496) Sarthe

Interpretation (Created 2008 -2010): This photograph illustrates the ungrounded fear of an unattended funeral, here we witness the entombed traveling into a spiritual mist, his bearers no more than mannequins and his beloved in fleeting mourning, as she is packed and ready to travel on to new pastures.


Print To Order (PTO) Bespoke handprinted Black and White Silver Gelatin Print

Photograph© Nicholas A Price All Rights Reserved


  • Basic print comes UNFRAMED 
  • ADD custom matting and framing if required
  • Edition 1 (a special single edition run)
  • Fiber Based Silver Gelatin Print
  • Orders can be ordered in size 8x10 or 11x14
  • Numbered, Signed and Authenticated as a single edition print to order
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Registered Purchase on Record
  • Bespoke Prints take 2-4 weeks to produce depending on the waiting list.

NOTE: There are NO WATERMARKS on the final print and are only shown online to help protect the photographer's copyright from unauthorized use and theft.



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