Bespoke Orders

Please take a moment to watch the following video, where Nicholas A. Price talks about the different kinds of bespoke prints you can order from the collections featured below.  


"The Nicholas Price Archives includes more than eighty-thousand film negatives of a large body of subjects, commissions and collaborations undertaken in the United States since the year 2000.

Shown here is just a very small sample of the work I have created and preserved as my legacy and can create especially for the collector whether they are  private individuals, corporations, educational establishments and public institutions for current and future generations of those who appreciate film photography to acquire, study and enjoy." - Nicholas A. Price

Playground of The Gods

This critically acclaimed collection is photographed in black and white as well as Kodachrome color film which is now no longer available.
Portfolios: Playground of The Gods! By Nicholas A. Price

Vintage Vegas

Las Vegas uniquely preserved in black and white film. Many of the signs and buildings in this collection have been removed, destroyed or imploded!
Portfolios: Vintage Vegas By Nicholas A. Price

Cleared Hot!

This landmark undertaking and resulting collection made many historical "first's" including it's acquisition by the Library of Congress to fill an important gap in their historical and photographic archives
Portfolios: Cleared Hot! By Nicholas A. Price

Dance In Focus/An Anatomy of A Ballet

Not only a documentation of an entire dance company but a visual inspiration of an American ballet company.
Portfolios: Dance in Focus/An Anatomy of A Ballet By Nicholas A. Price

Trick Trunk

This black & white film study of the history of the American Sideshow. A creative and totally original idea to showcase these very real characters and entertainers emerging from a 1920's steamer trunk.
Portfolios: Trick Trunk By Nicholas A. Price

Historic Icons

A contemporary study of sculpture through the ages, using Nicholas Price's own interpretation alongside his photographic skills. This project reached a conclusion in this body of work covering the very earliest of sculptures through to the 1920's.





Print to Order - Historic Icons


Dam Perspective;
The Hoover Dam

In 2007, Master Photographer Nicholas A. Price was provided unprecedented access to photograph the Hoover Dam through his unique talent and style and capture Nicholas wanted to capture the Hoover Dam in a way that was reminiscent of the 1930's Art Deco era - a style that architect Gordon B. Kaufman elegantly applied throughout the entire Hoover Dam Project.