Collection: Cleared Hot!

The Cleared Hot Collection

As a civilian, Price was granted unprecedented access and complete artistic license to film every corner of some of the largest military installations in the country. He focused primarily on two U.S. Air Force bases in Nevada—Nellis in North Las Vegas, home to more squadrons than any other Air Force base, and Creech in Indian Springs. At Creech, Price had access to the training facilities of the ground-combat forces, the largest flight-testing range in the country, and the testing and exercising of the very latest equipment and technology in the sectors of flight, combat, intelligence, mission support and reconnaissance.

Price said, “Without the men and women who secure the base, provide ground-combat forces, embark on new technologies, take care of the military family and equipment, the wonders of flight and air supremacy would not be possible.” Price’s photos also depict the nation’s most demanding aerial combat exercise, Red Flag, and offer a look into the world of unmanned air vehicles and the men and women who operate this new form of warfare.

Price shot the entire project using two 35mm professional film cameras and a range of black-and-white film. He developed and printed every photograph by hand.