Collection: Print to Order - Vintage Vegas

About the Collection
Introduction by Nicholas A. Price

These photographs are a small collection from the Americana Portfolio, that capture the national motel, hotel and business signs of years' past. This particular collection focuses on Las Vegas and became a photographic study spanning seven years, thus creating a dedicated archive of their own that I call "Vintage Vegas".

In those early days, intricate signage was one of the very few ways to market to the public the excitement, attraction and feel-good factor of your product, service or facilities. If you look carefully at the detail on the older signs, one would take the view that more expense and thought went into the sign's design than it did into the design or the "luxurious amenities" afforded for the development.

There are one or two newer signs that provided an irresistible moment of photographic amusement but are also a serious example of how much has changed since then. Today's new technologies, media and creation of fiercer competition means catering to the more sophisticated consumer that demand more in the experience and value for money of the product or service than just the sign to be attractive.

Many of these signs have already disappeared or are about to as new projects and changes to to the Las Vegas skyline take place with the influx of high-rise and other new developments.

These photographs may well be one of the few images available that capture and preserve the origin and historical foundation of America's ingenious marketing ideas.

Click the video to see a short presentation by Master Photographer Nicholas A. Price regarding The Vintage Vegas Collection