Collection: Playground of The Gods

The Story Behind The Lens | Playground of The Gods

A little over 60 miles from America's largest adult playground, there is so much more hidden away - the spiritual energy of the past and present in rocks untouched for eons and laid down over 150 million years ago.

In this mass of color, texture and character, there are faces and creatures that can tell a story or two. The tests of time have taken their toll on these fragile ghosts and you could take heed in this – my Playground of the Gods.

Perhaps it was here that those experiments were conducted prior to completing the finished articles. These forms of man, woman and beast, those bodily shapes tested here, larger than life - and all you saw was a mass of rock. Well, here I will show you a little more - I never stopped at the favorite spots to point and shoot, instead I spent 3 months climbing and wandering in the desert heat, living on a diet of carrot juice and discovering an otherworldly dreamscape well beyond the beaten track – armed with three cameras and a bunch of my favorite lenses - this time there was another addition to my bag, not just my favorite black and white film, but the final remaining stocks of Kodak Kodachrome 64 professional color, at that time the days of this famous film were numbered and by the time I got through the last of this legendary film it was almost all over forever – nevertheless it served my purposes well, catching the most amazing colors we could ever dream of and preserving them just as I’d experienced them firsthand.

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