A Personal Introduction

By Nicholas A. Price

"Although this is the internet, a place where you’ll see plenty of pretty pictures, this website is partly dedicated to my craft – the art of Film photography and the wet processes involved with film and the final genuine silver gelatin prints you will get to see here.

Unlike the world of digital imaging, this is a traditional, time honored, although now extremely endangered craft. There are very few genuine film and wet process practitioners left on earth, when I say that I am referring to those who load a film into their camera, shoot a set of photographs, develop the film using chemistry and actually print the results using a traditional optical enlarger and then wet process photographic paper to produce a photograph.

I create only a very limited number of prints. There is no ‘easy button’ in this craft, no Photoshop, manipulation, enhancement or shortcuts and regrettably the internet isn’t the greatest medium to show the results – we have tried though, and I hope you will get to experience the final output of my endeavors.

I have also decided not to bore you with endless examples of the process, only show the results, I think my daughter rather aptly described the darkroom process – ‘Dad this is magic, will you teach me how to do this?’ The question is whether a good magician is likely to show you how he produces his best illusions!" - Nicholas A. Price

About Photography Collecting

PhotographyCollecting.com is the only place online to find the genuine fine art hand-printed silver gelatin prints created by acclaimed fine art FILM photographer Nicholas A. Price.

Here you won’t find posters, machine prints or inkjet; you will never see mass editions of prints, usually only 1 to 3 are created. Photography Collecting is designed to be a peaceful haven away from endless online images, flashing banners, advertisements and of course the hard sell.

Amongst this wonderful sense of tranquility you will discover only a limited selection of original hand-printed collectible photographs – each is created on genuine silver-gelatin paper in his privately owned and managed darkroom by the photographer himself, each photograph comes from a genuine traditional film negative, wrought with his style and manual practice without any digital manipulation or effects – only the time-honored and proven wet process is utilized throughout.

Carefully selected high quality photographic paper with genuine silver-gelatin emulsion is the sole medium and the fabulous results are produced to a thoroughly archival standard.
With authentic silver-gelatin you experience the deep blacks, the incredible depth and contrast, a decidedly unique, beautiful, genuine photograph that cannot be matched in any way by the pigments and dyes used in modern processes. Some of these spectacular prints are available immediately; others are created for you on a bespoke basis, even particular themes and collections can be made available on a strictly limited basis.
So enjoy your visit to tranquility and later find the same experience in the photograph you acquire for your personal collection.