Collection: A Dance With Nature

The Story Behind The Lens | A Dance with Nature

After many years of documentary photography, I have drawn nearer to a subject close to my heart, by putting the faces of human beings to the side and focusing on the wonders of nature – I call this ongoing adventure – A dance with Nature – it has been and still continues to be, an incredible journey and to be honest it’s a story that has no clear conclusion – every day something new arrives, another thing dies, something else replaces it, grows into a new shape or moves to the next stage of its life cycle – ever-evolving always changing in some way or another – but never simple, instead complex, diverse and beautiful. Whether it be in shape, size, color, pattern or pure ingenuity I am never disappointed by my daily study.
Empathy with nature is all the enlightenment I need here on earth.

We are always here, frequently forgotten or ignored, underfoot, in the air and watching from a least expected spot – singing in the trees, hiding in the grass or even underground, all the same we are beneath your noses – hoping you’ll stop to think, ponder and wonder, at life passing by in a matter of days, a lifecycle in just one season or one short year – we are your life story here on earth - from birth until death - never failing to provide inspiration, hope, beauty and so much more.